A cute little addition

Well this is different isn’t it!?

Having a pitter patter of tiny feet in the home has been quite the adventure. I could not have prepared myself for the ups and downs, the emotions and the pure, unadulterated fear. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

I get to spend my days with this precious bundle of good-looks (compliments of his father) and those days are wonderful, even when they’re not.

I feel spoiled as it seems almost like baby and baby-daddy knew what they were doing way before Mum could catch her breath. These days. it feels like we have a rhythm. We can dance now and enjoy the music without stepping on each others toes. Not to say that we don’t have those exhausting and frustrating days and nights but all in all, it’s a beautiful life.

He’s spoiled too, our lil’ guy… with two older brothers who adore him, and treat him to cuddles and games. A Dad, who laughs in the face of dirty nappies, and brings warmth to our home and a Mum who loves him more than she ever thought possible.

Being better, healthier, happier, and kinder becomes even more important with this guy around. Have to get busy now – working on making it a better place for him to explore and enjoy. x


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