Stop not doing things – And start starting things!

This week I hand stitched little hearts for my baby’s mobile.

I don’t think they are amazing or expect anyone else to see the beauty in them as they are clearly a reflection of my needlepoint skills, or lack there of, but I made them all by myself.

I made them with my time and love and my own two hands. You could even say they symbolise how I am most likely going to be at parenting.

I’m going into it with the best of intentions, devoting my time and affection but inevitably fucking something up along the way.

Sorry in advance baby – but I will always work hard to make it right.

So that being said – Stop not doing things because you fear they wont be perfect. Nothing is perfect – and if you are waiting for perfection you’ll die before you find it.

So start starting things – and love the imperfect little monster you create at the end of it. (I’m talking about the dodgy hearts not the baby being a monster – shit – I’m already failing at this parent thing.)

craft heart

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